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Richard T Eger
12-11-2000, 01:00 PM
From 12 O'clock High!:

Rudolf A. Haunschmied
Me 262 serial production at St.Georgen/Gusen
Wed Nov 15 22:18:48 2000

We are a historical workgroup in St. Georgen/Gusen, Austria where the Third Reich operated the most modern and sophisticated underground plant that ever existed.

It was dedicated to the production of the Me 262 jetplane at a monthly rate of 1,250 planes each month but never reached full capacity. The plant should have been
operated until 1955 - meaning a strategic production of about 150,000 such fighter planes, and it was one of the only, top secret underground site, that really went into
operation in November 1944.

From Allied intelligence we know that 984 such planes should have been already produced there. We also know the many different locations were the main components
(mostly fully equipped fuselages) were brought to be set into operation.

So we would be very interested whether anybody could give us hints to find more material/knowledge about that top-secret underground B8 BERGKRISTALL-ESCHE 2
plant at St. Georgen/Gusen, Austria.

That huge underground plant was captured by US troops in May 1945 and much material was taken by the Americans. But, after 3 months of dismantling and
investigations they had to pass it over to the Soviets that had the area until 1955.

Messerschmitt GmbH of Regensburg produced also produced Me 109 fuselages at Gusen (just 25 per month beginning in 1943). But in early 1944 all production was
changed to Me 262 and that huge underground plant was built along with KZ Gusen II concentration camp. There was also a bomb-proof research facility for highspeed
aerodynamic testing in the huge underground facilities at St. Georgen and Gusen.

You may find more details about that complex at our website http://linz.orf.at/orf/gusen/index.htm

Richard T Eger
12-11-2000, 01:24 PM
The KZ Mauthausen-GUSEN Info-Pages website presents in one place the gruesome details of the Gusen concentration camp, along with information related to use of concentration camp workers relative to the production of Luftwaffe aircraft. The fact that concentration camp inmates were used in large and consumable numbers in support of Luftwaffe aircraft production is the ugly underbelly that, as researchers, we must include in discussions of the history of the Luftwaffe. The website address is:


As bad as the concentration camps were, Gusen had a special place in hell, as witness this quote from the website:

"" As a resident of many camps, I can say that Guzen was the worst. This is not to say that the conditions at the other camps were not dreadful. Compared to Guzen, however, one might almost say that those camps were
paradises. The proof of this might be that Guzen was one of the least known camps. This was not because it was smaller than the others - it might even have been the largest. It was unknown simply because very few of the tens
of thousand of prisoners sent there remained alive to tell the story of its horrors."

(Rabbi RAV YECHEZKEL HARFENES (when back to Auschwitz) in " BeKaf HaKela" (Slingshot of Hell),
Targum Press, Southfield Michigan, 1988)."

The following are the different sections of this website. I have noted areas relating to the tunnel complexes and aircraft production. I have selected from the references presented those relating to aircraft production.

Preface from the President of the International Mauthausen Committee (+)

What´s New?

Scope of these Info-Pages

Brief overview, with mention of the The B8 BERGKRISTALL project to produce the Me 262.

Brief History of Mauthausen-Gusen Complex

Capsule chronological history, with some details on Me 262 production.

Deutsche Erd- und Steinwerke GmbH (DEST)

Some details of Me 109 and Me 262. Photo of 2 Me 262 fuselages. Reference:

United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Messerschmitt AG Augsburg, Me 262 Production Centers

KZ Mauthausen-Gusen Reconnaissance Photographs

KZ Mauthausen central camp
KZ Gusen I & II concentration camps
St. Georgen (KZ Gusen II - BERGKRISTALL) construction site - Mention of Me 262 production.

The KZ Gusen I at Langenstein

Mention of Me 109 fuselage production.

The KZ Gusen II at St.Georgen/Gusen

Mention of Me 262 production. References:

Schiessl Guenther, Sklavenarbeit für die letzte Wunderwaffe Adolf Hitlers - Tagung in Regensburg beschäftigt sich mit den Messerschmittwerken aus anderer Sicht - KZ-Häftlinge montierten Me-262, Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Regensburg, Freitag 13. November 1998

Schmoll Peter, Werner Sturm, Hubert Wartner: Das KZ-Nebenlager Saal 1944/45 und das Projekt Me-Ringberg: Staatliches Schulamt Kehlheim, Unterrichtliche Beiträge für die Schulen des Landkreises Kehlheim, Kehlheim 1998

Schmoll Peter, Die Messerschmitt-Werke im Zweiten Weltkrieg - die Flugzeugproduktion der Messerschmitt GmbH Regensburg, von 1938 bis 1945, Mittelbayerische Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft, Regensburg 1998

Stuber Manfred, Farbige Blätter aus dem Grauen - Ein spektakulärer Fund: Zeichnungen eines malenden Häftlings führen in den Alltag des KZ Gusen bei Linz. In dieses Vernichtungslager zogen nach 1943 grosse Teile der Regensburger Messerschmitt-Produktion um, Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Regensburg, Samstag 10. Januar 1998

The KZ Gusen III at Lungitz

Mention of Me 262 production.

The KZ Mauthausen central camp

Cruelties at KZ Gusen

Medical Experiments at KZ Gusen

Gassings at KZ Gusen

The Jewish Prisoners of KZ Gusen II

Mention of jet plane