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Vance Pollock 05-05-2005 02:09 AM

Iceland losses
I have compiled the following notes on aircraft lost in Iceland. Any additional information and elimination of question marks is appreciated.
11 Luftwaffe planes lost in Iceland by date

25.1.1941. He 111. Valahjalle, Reyðarfjörður, east Ís.

?.3.1941. Fw 200. pilot Mons. Sw Ís.
There is mention of a Condor piloted by ? Mons which took photos over Reykjavík on a Sunday morning at the end of March in 1941. Mons reported this information apparently after he survived being shot down. They were flying with no bombs on the Reykjavík (southwest Iceland) missions.

21.5.1941. ?. personnel buried in Fossvogsk., Reykjavik. Sw Ís.
Franz Breuer OGEFR
Josef Lutz UFFZ
Friedrich Harnisch FW
Hans Joachim Dürfeld OBLT.


*18.10.1942. Ju 88. personnel buried in Fossv., Reykj. Svinaskarð, Esja, sw Ís.
J88-001726, Ju88 D5
LUFTWAFFE, A6+EH, ??.??.?? to Okt.42, Destroyed in Missing at Iceland while with 1.(F)/120.
Date Unit Place Cause Plane Code Damage Personalia
18.10.1942 1.(F)/120 Iceland Missing Ju 88 D-5 1726 A6+EH 100
Lt. Harald Osthus (F) KIA
Lt. Josef Ulsamer (B) KIA
Fw. Franz Kirchmann (Bf) KIA

*24.10.1942. Fw 200. personnel: Fossv., Reykj. Borgarfjörður, sw Ís.
24.10.1942 1.(F)/120 Iceland Shoot down.
Plane was borrowed by I./KG 40 Fw 200 C-4 313 F8+EK 100
Oblt. Heinz Godde (F) KIA
Fw. Mathias Franzen (F) KIA
Ofw. Horst Kroos (Bf) KIA
Uffz. Manfred Unger (Bf) KIA
Uffz Alois Schwab (Bs) KIA
Uffz. Helmut Engelmann (Bm) KIA
All from I./KG 40
Uffz. Hans Todtenhofer (Bm) KIA
From 1.(F)/120.

27.10.1942. Ju 88. sea crash, ?Hvalfjörður?, sw Ís.
J88-430001, Ju88 D5
LUFTWAFFE, A6+RH, ??.??.?? to Okt.42, Destroyed in Emergency landing at sea at Iceland while with 1.(F)/120.
27.10.1942 1.(F)/120 Iceland Emergency landing at sea Ju 88 D-5 430001 A6+RH 100 Lt. Gerhard Skuballa (F) KIA
Uffz. Uwe Gåoddecke (B) KIA
Fw. Herbert Fischer (Bf) KIA.

28.10.1942. Fw 200 _ missing.
28.10.42 I/KG 40 Fw 200 C-4 109 At Iceland F 100 Missing Oblt. Rudolf Feldt (F) MIA Fw. Bernhard Korber (F) MIA Lt. Herbert Hachtmann (Bf) MIA Uffz. Georg Stiegler (Bf) MIA Ofw. Werner Sieth (Bm) MIA Uffz Walter Schultze (Bs) MIA.

4.11.1942. Bv 138 _ missing.
04.11.42 2./406 BV 138 C-1 310132 K6+GK At Iceland F 100 Missing Uffz. Werner Scolz (F) MIA Lt. Friedrich Lohmayer (B) MIA Uffz. Paul Kron (Bf) MIA Ofw. Wilhelm Hofmann (Bm) MIA Uffz. Rudolf Wendler (Bm) MIA.

5.11.1942. Fw 200 _ missing.
05.11.42 I./KG 40 Fw 200 C-4 124 F8+FK At Iceland F 100 Missing Fw. Kurt Pieper (F) MIA Uffz. Johannes Möckel (F) MIA Uffz. Karl Wissner (Bf) MIA Uffz Karl Kreft (Bf) MIA Uffz. Wilhelm Heck (Bm) MIA Obgfr. Hans Möller (Bs) MIA.


*24.4.1943. Ju 88 _ near Vogar, sw Ís.
J88-430087, Ju88 D5
LUFTWAFFE, A6+CH, ??.??.?? to Apr.43, Shot down over Keflavik, Iceland.
Ju 88 D-5, 430087, A6+CH of 1(F)/120 Lt Karl Brueck, Fw Werner Bullerjahn & Fw Theodor Scholtyssek killed; Uffz Anton Mynarek POW.
Crashed 1406 hrs at Keflavik after being shot down by 1/Lt J M McNulty & 2/Lt H R Stenmgle of 50th FS, 1334 hrs.
24 April 1943 is the date Ju 88D-5 (A6+CH) was lost. Its mission was a reconnissance mission over Reykjavik, the last or one of the last Fernaufklärungsstaffel 1.(F)/120 flew to Iceland. The Staffelkapitän at that time was Hptm. Hugo Löhr and it was based at Stavanger-Sola. I corresponded with Herr Löhr a couple of times about 10 years ago when he was 82. I think he passed away in 1997 or so.

5.8.1943 Fw 200 _ near Grímsey, n Ís.
Personnel surviving: Karte, Lehn, Teufel, Klinkmann, Holtrup, Brand, Richter (7 men).

Ju with unit 1.(F)/120 - plane code follows pattern: A6+?H.

Fw with unit I./KG 40 - plane code follows pattern: F8+?K.

Bv with unit 2./406 - plane code: K6+GK.
Published journal of Knights Cross holder who flew missions over Iceland:
Schwerdtfeger, Werner / Selinger, Franz: Wetterflieger in der Arktis 1940 - 1944, Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen der Wettererkundungs-Staffeln im Hohen Norden. Aus dem Tagebuch von Flugkapitän Otl. Rudolf Schütze.

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