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jonathannex 11-24-2006 07:46 PM

Lancaster LL922 7/8th August 1944
Hello there,
I'm new to this site and have been told that this is a fairly common request! I'm trying to establish which pilot shot down the above aircraft, a 50 squadron Lancaster marking VN-E. The aircraft was lost on the night of 7/8th August 1944 at approximately midnight during the Sequevile raid. The Pilot, Navigator and Wireless operator died but the remaining crew survived. The crash site was near the village of La Frenaye in Normandy. Although this was a large raid only ten Lancasters were shot down. From the information I can find there appear to be two Luftwaffe pilots who may have shot down the aircraft. They are

1/ Uffz Koch of 4/NJG4 Ref 2025/I Anerk [ Certificate ] 56

2/ HPTM Hubert Rauh STAB II/NJG4 Ref 2025/I Anerk 23

Please could anyone shed any further light on this ? I'm not sure if a crashed aircraft would be associated with a particular Luftwaffe certificate or if the combat reports for these actions would still exist. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank-you.

kev stevens 12-18-2006 07:31 PM

From My book of luftwaffe claims they are indeed the most likely claimants. The book gives the following
4/NJG4, Uffz Rolf Koch, Four-eng, Near Yvetot, 23:47, 1st kill
11/NJG4, Hptm Hubert Rauh, Four-eng, Le Havre-Lisieux, 23:50, 22nd kill

Hopefully this helps, haven't looked at a French map but this should distinguish the two claims, providing Yvetot and Lisieu ren't slap next to each other

Kev Stevens

philippemourand 10-20-2011 12:29 PM

I have recently done some research on this crash and could gather some interesting information. See pages below:

Escape reports:

Other information:

This thread is rather old and I was wondering whether you made any progress since then in determining who actually shot down that Lancaster. I would also be interested by any other information you might have on that crash.

Looking forwards to reading you.

jonathannex 12-13-2011 05:43 PM

Dear Phillippe,

Thank you for replying - I came across your post by chance. I've not managed to progress the search futher but the accounts of the crash are most interesting. I would very much like to find the exact location of the crash - perhaps the local mayor in La Frenaye may be able to help.

Best wishes and thank you again.


philippemourand 12-14-2011 03:01 AM

I think I know the location of the crash: a crater in a field a few hundreds meters from where my parents live. The crater can be seen on GoogeEarth Give me your email address by PM and I will email you the GoogleEarth placemark.

jonathannex 12-14-2011 06:59 PM

E-mail address sent - thanks !

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