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From 12 O'clock High!:

Richard T. Eger
CIOS (Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee) Reports
Wed May 24 19:04:37 2000

The following are a sampling of CIOS reports:

"Heinkel-Hirth TL Gas Turbine Engine," by F/Lt. J. W. Addersley, Maj. K. Saddler, and Lt. S. T. Robinson, CIOS Target Number 5/21, Jet Propulsion, Item No. 5, File
No. XXI-5, 25th April, 1945.

"Landing Gear of ME. 262 Airplane," by J. M. Shoemaker, CIOS Target No. 25/162, Aircraft, Item No. 25, File No. XXXII-39, August 1945.

"Gas Turbine Developments," by Dr. C. B. Millikan, CIOS Target Nos. 25/71 & 25/82, Aircraft, Item No. 25, File No. XXXII-45, July 1945.

"Radar and Controlled Missiles," by Maj. N. D. Crane, team leader, CIOS Target Item 1, Radar, Item No. 1, File No. 1-1, compendium of reports from Aug.-Sept. 1944.

"Gas Turbine Development - B.M.W., Junkers, Daimler Benz," by S/Ldr. P. Lloyd, CIOS Target Numbers 5/13, 5/57, 5/64, 5/180, 26/79, Jet Propulsion, Item No. 5 &
26, File No. XXIV-6, n.d.

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