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From 12 O'Clock High!:

Richard T. Eger
Postwar reports on Me 262 manufacturing facilities
Fri Jan 30 20:44:13 2004

Dear fellow researchers,

These type of reports have eluded me, so I am coming to you for any help that you might be able to offer.

In Dec. 2003, I spent a week at NARA II in a rather fruitless effort to find such reports. I was directed to a great batch of aerial reconnaissance reports, but what I am looking for would be reports written from primarily a ground view perspective, likely by some type or another of intelligence organization as they followed closely on the heels of the advancing Allied armies. My gut feel is that such organization(s) would have come to the Me 262 Waldwerke and taken many photos and written up an excellent summary report on each one or as a collection of reports. I already have the USSBS 4-part summary report on Messerschmitt. The reports I am looking for might have attempted to compare wartime aerial photography with postwar reality and made a point of how well camouflaged these facilities were. I do have a page in one report obviously taken from another report that highlights with 3 aerial photos how well these facilities were hidden in the forests. What I don't have is the original report that this series of 3 photos came from.

One tack I took in Dec. was to look at 63rd Infantry operations reports as the division swept through this area. The closest I got to a smoking gun was a reference to an organization identified as MII which was supposed to examine these facilities. Does anyone know anything about "MII"?

It is very frustrating and I could sure use some leads as to either an issuing organization, type of report, and/or direct lead into specific files, preferably at NARA II, or that could be ordered up elsewhere such as at the AFHRA.

Sources of photos, reports, anything - could be of help on this - even books.

Thanks in advance for any forthcoming help.

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