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Default Sandhofen and Underground Hangar

I was stationed and visited Sandhofen (Coleman Bks) many times over several years as I was in Army Aviation and my best friend was stationed there multiple times. He was married to a German who grew up there and her father told us that he had been a labor who worked on an underground facility at the air field.

It is an almost exact story that was posted concerning another facility around Stutgart.

Anyway, We looked all over for signs of an entrance or evidence of an underground anything and the closest we came to anything of value was a large, long, deep depression where the Army dumped things. It was very long like a taxiway and at the Closed End there was an extremely large concrete header. Dirt was piled all the way from the ground to the header.

In the middle there is a road that crosses the depression and if you were to drive on this road it lead to "OCS" Old Coleman Stockade.

Any thoughts on this subject?
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