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Default Yoke and the Bundle of Arrows

My Name is Luis Perez and I am a professor at the University of Puerto Rico. I am very grateful for all the work you have done in your website. I just want to know if you can direct me further information of this officer:

FALBE, Gerhard. 22.03.43 Obstlt.(z.D.) (RDA 01.08.41), trf from RLM (Gl/E), to Ob.d.L. pool with temporary duty to Luftzeuggruppe 6 (to 25.05.43). 25.05.43 trf to Luftpark 1/VI. 30.06.44 Oberst z.D. (RDA 01.06.44) in Fl.Ers.Btl. V, released from service.

I know he was awarded with the Spanish Goverment in 1941 with the medal "El Orden del Yugo y las Flechas"
FALBE, Gerhard. Commander Decorated by FRANCO with the Medalla de la Orden Imperial del Yugo y las Flechas. (BOE, 30 Septiembre, 1941)

and I have just this biographical information:.
Gerhard FALBE
* 26.10.1885 in Hannover
+ 24.04.1945 in Berlin gefallen
getauft: 1885 in Hannover
Konfession: EV
Beruf: Oberst der Luftwaffe
Familien (families) Kinder (children)
(1st spouse) Hildegard UEBE
* 08.11.1889
+ 20.05.1923
oo 19.07.1920 in Braunfels a.d.Lahn Tochter
(2nd spouse) Luise SPIEß
* 09.05.1902 in Posen
oo 26.05.1928 in Berlin Tochter
Eltern (parents) Geschwister (siblings)
(father) Oswald FALBE
* 20.03.1863 in Halle a.d.Saale
+ 11.01.1936 in Stolp
Erna FALBE * 1891 in Posen
Günther FALBE * 1895 in Posen
(mother) Helene HOFFMANN
* 20.03.1863 in Halle a.d.Saale

I am needing other sources to read about him in any language. I want to learn more about his participation in the Spanish civil war and if he was survived by relatives and specially if he may have family in America.
I will really appreciated your help, and if this is beyond your reach and interest I will understand.
Luis Perez, phd
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