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Old 09-17-2016, 02:17 PM
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Default KG30 Sunday

Good afternoon gentleman

Does anyone have AI1(g) or (k) reports for the following a/c's lost on 26.1.1941:

Ju 88A-5 WNr.7198, coded 4D+GS Oblt. Eberhard Gaul, B Gefr. Joachim Eibert, Bf Ogefr. Erich Stölzel (KIA) & Bs Uffz. Willi Rindfleisch MIA 26.Jan. 1941 due to Flak from HMS Wallace

Ju 88A-5 WNr.3261 of 8./KG 30, coded 4D+AS B Ofw. Kurt Fröhlig (P.o.W.), F Oblt. Ignatz Kraft, Bf Fw. Rolf Kollmeier & Bs Uffz. Herbert Müllerstein KIA 26.Jan. 1941 due to Flak from HM trawlers Reids and Fisher Boy, near Brightlingsea.

I'm not sure if the g's exist because the a/c may have been lost at sea.

Anything would be an assistance, trying to piece together what happened in the Thames Estuary that day.


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Old 09-30-2016, 10:45 AM
Jaap Woortman Jaap Woortman is offline
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Notes I made in the past at the PRO.


Air 22/266 A.M.W.R. Location of Enemy a/c brought down in UK.
Reports No.1-124 Jan.-Jun. 1941 Vol.2.
Report No.136
134/1. Ju88 Crashed on the 26-1-41 at 0905 hrs. at West Somerton
near Great Yarmouth. Ref G.9438. Identification marking 4?+LS(L in
black outlined white). There were also old markings partly visible
which had been painted over. Spinners black. Engines Jumo 211G. The
plates showing Works number MMW 211G-1/453 and MZK 211G-1/1068. This
a/c attacked a trawler or escort vessel at low altitude and made a
crash landing on land near the shore. There are a number of large
holes and tears in the wings and fusalage which either caused by HE
anti a/c fire splinters or splinters from the a/c own bombs. One
0.303 bullet strike was found in the tailplane. After crashing,
the cockpit of a/c was completely burnt out. Armament: 1 MG 15 in
front position, 1 rear lower but top armament was not ascertained
as cockpit cover jettisoned. Crew all 4 prisoners.
The under surfaces were black spray painted and not smeared with
lampblack as customary.
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