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Part of the site is for wargamers and part provides historical information on JV44. The website address is:

The address of the actual history webpage is:

Sections pertaining to the actual JV44 history are:

The History

Described as a work in progress, this history does provide some interesting notes regarding JV44.

The Personnel

A list of 17 top pilots who served in JV44, giving ranks, victories, awards, and positions held in JV44.

The Planes

A brief history of the development of the Me 262. This includes Galland's letter to Göring of 25 May 1943, technical specifications, some drawings, photos, listings of Luftwaffe terms and comparative ranks description with description, photo, and drawings of the MK 108 and its ammunition, and description and photos of the R4M.

The Würger Staffel
Base Defense Squadron

Brief history with photos, drawings, and a table of known pilots, their aircraft, and the inscriptions on their aircraft.

JV44 Scrapbook

Four b&w photos plus a color drawing/painting.

Recomended Reading

Nine books with covers illustrated.


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