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Old 10-03-2002, 04:28 PM
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This Polish language website's strengths are its coverages of rarer Luftwaffe aircraft and a large section on missiles. The equipment noted below is that for which actual information is currently presented. The webmaster(s) show a much larger listing of equipment which will, hopefully, be supported in the future with information. The site address is:

The sections are:

Samoloty - Brief histories, technical details, phtos, and drawings of the following aircraft:

Ar 76
Ar 80
Ar 95
Ar 96
Ar 195
Ar 196
Ar 197
Ar 198
Ar 240
Bv Ha 140
Bv 141
Bv 142
Bv 144
Bv 222
DFS 228
He 115
Ju 87
Bf 109E
Me 263V

Wyposazenie - Brief histories, photos, and drawings of the following aircraft equipment:


MG 15 i MG 17 - 7.9 mm


FuG 202 "Lichtenstein BC"
FuG 202 "Lichtenstein BC/S"
FuG 211 "Lichtenstein O"*
FuG 212 "Lichtenstein C-1"
FuG 214 "Lichtenstein BC/R"*

* - Bronie prototypowe i doświadczalne, występujące w małych ilościach.

Rakiety - Brief histories, technical data, photos, and drawings of the following missiles:

Panzerblitz 1
Panzerblitz 2
Panzerblitz 3 (R4HL)
Panzerschreck 1
Panzerschreck 2 (PD 8,8 cm Pz. Büchsenrohr)
R 100 BS
R4M Orkan
RZ 15/8
RZ 65
RZ 73
RZ 100
15 cm Wgr. 41Spr.
21 cm R.B.Sprgr.Bord

EMW Taifun
15 cm Rs.Gs

Bv 143
Bv L.10 Friedensengel
Bv L.11 Schneewittchen*
Gerätwerk Stargard L.50*
Hs GT 1200 *
Hs 294
Luft-Forschungsanstalt Braunschweig-Välkenrode LT9.2 Frosch*
AEG Rumpelstiltzchen
EMW Flunder*
Ru 347 (X-7) Rotkäppchen
Fi 103 (V-1)

* - Niezrealizowany projekt

Historia i Strultura - Apparently a brief early history of the Luftwaffe and short discussion and listing of the various types of units.

Obrona przeciwlotnicza - Brief histories, technical data and photos of ground defense weapons and equipment:

2 cm Flak 38
8,8 cm Flak 37

Ground radar is listed, apparently for future entry on the site.

Misje Luftwaffe - A propaganda poster and a possible future link to being able to download something, possibly music, are shown, but there are no active internal links on this page.

Ludzie- Four aces listings and brief histories with photos of Hermann Göring, Albert Kesselring, and Ernst Udet. The aces listings, as titled in Polish, are:

Asy Luftwaffe na froncie Zachodnim
Asy Luftwaffe na froncie Wschodnim
Asy Luftwaffe w bitwie o Wielka Brytanię
Asy Luftwaffe "Nocni Myśliwce"

A brief biography with photo of Walter "Gulle" Oesau can be found through the aces lists.


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