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Old 07-20-2011, 12:26 AM
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Default Credit for shoot-down of B-17 42-31692 on 30 January 1944


I'm doing research into the shoot-down of B-17 42-31692 on 30 January 1944. I've got a couple of questions that I'm hoping the experts out there can help me with. Based on the opinion of a few of people on other boards, there is the feeling that the most likely candidates for the Luftwaffe pilot who shot down the airplane are either Ofw. Robert Luddecke or Hptm Albert Schulz. I believe this is primarily based on the time and the location of the crash given in the Luftwaffe claims. My questions are these:

1. Both Luddecke and Schulz were listed as being with Nachtjagdgeschwader 2, a night fighter unit flying the Ju88. Based on eye-witness acounts, this aircraft was attacked by up to four Fw190's. Would these two pilots have been flying during the day, and would they have been flying Fw190's ??

2. Are there archival reports written by the fighter pilots that I might be able to research online ?? (unfortunately, not speaking German may slow down my research !!)

3. I notice a lot of claims on the claims list have no location and a few of those even have no time listed. Any suggestions on how I can eliminate these as being the ones that may have shot down this B-17 ?

I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this. I really have no expertise when it comes to the Luftwaffe or how claims were made. I would welcome any help in my research and any advice that someone would like to give.

My great-uncle was the right waist gunner on this B-17 and was killed in the crash. It is a great desire of mine to try and determine the German pilot who claimed (or received credit for) shooting down this B-17. I want to be able to tell the stories of the 10 men in the bomber and the Luftwaffe pilot and how they came to meet in the sky on January 30, 1944.

Thank you very much.

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