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Bertrand HUGOT 02-19-2002 01:18 PM

Centre d'Archives de l'Armement et du personnel civil de Châtellerault (CAA).

This archive center situated between Paris and Bordeaux holds the technical archives of the military and armament industry. From submarines to guns and, of course, the aircraft manufacturers. Inside the center there are documents about some of the LW aircraft built in France during WWII. There are many files and traced design of the building of these aircraft. For example I have found drawings and technical data on Fieseler 156 and details of numbers of Luftwaffe aircraft built in France. These documents are all originals and can be interesting for the history researchers or for those that build kits. Amongst the 70,000 meters of archives there are also details of all the service equipment or vehicles.

Alas, the same volume of archives are not yet cataloged ! Maybe some very interesting documents are still unidentified in some cardboard boxes!

Opening hours :

Tuesday to Friday 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00.

Monday & Friday by appointment.

Xerox copies : 0.23 euro each (A4)

Centre d'archives de l'armement et du personnel civil

211 grande rue de Chateauneuf




Richard T Eger 04-04-2002 08:34 PM

From 12 O'Clock High!:

Todd Anderson
how many factory drawings are left
Fri Mar 15 17:48:02 2002

Hello all,

The other day I sat down and started going through various publications looking for original factory drawings of parts of aircraft. I was looking mostly at the Me-110 books I found about 4 drawings . That brought up this question. How much of the original drawings are left? I have seen some one the Me323, Me262, but not a whole lot else. Could someone enlighten me on this subject.

Thank you in advance
Todd Anderson

Richard T Eger 04-04-2002 08:35 PM

From TOCH!:

Artie Bob
Factory drawings
Sat Mar 16 01:02:58 2002

There are "factory drawings" and Factory Drawings. What I mean is that most of what you see in publications might be general arrangement drawings which originated from the different manufacturers. These are nice for modeling and getting a general idea of what an aircraft was like. This type of drawing exists for most Luftwaffe types I have ever taken the time to run down (exception Hs 127, has anyone ever run across these?). These were used for sales pitches, training, studies, etc. Airplanes are not built from such "factory drawings". The real Factory Drawings that were used to build a/c at that time consisted of thousands of small part drawings, followed by sub-assembly and assembly drawings in a number of levels. there was also a great deal of manufacturing process documentation on machining, welding, etc.etc. Much of this material is missing, but a lot, millions of pages exists in both hard copy and microfilm form (IMHO probably about 50% of the original material), you just have to search for it at the various archives.

Richard T Eger 04-04-2002 08:35 PM

From TOCH!:

Bertrand H
factory drawings in France
Sat Mar 16 11:13:26 2002

Todd and Artie,

Some weeks ago I visited the "Centre d'Archives de l'Armement et du personnel civil de Châtellerault "(CAA) and amongst the tons of archivs I have compulse some factory drawings of the fieseler 156. If one day you are in France, I invite you to do a visit. More details on this site :


Bertrand H

Richard T Eger 04-04-2002 08:37 PM

From TOCH!:

Todd Anderson
factory drawing discussion
Sun Mar 17 00:44:17 2002

Bertrand thank you for the response that is great.


Oliver Fischer 01-18-2008 06:10 AM

Centre d'Archives de l'Armement et du personnel civil de Châtellerault (CAA)


has anybody some more information about the quantity and quality of
the Fi 156 Storch / MS 500 factory drawings of the archive in Châtellerault.
I wrote to the archive in Châtellerault, but they didn't answered :-(

-How many drawings do they have?
-Which groups and assemblies do they have?
-Are they in a good condition?
-Are they accessible for everyone?
-Do they make 1:1 copies?

Any information will be appreciated.

Many Greetings to you all!


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