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Arthur Arculus 07-14-2010 10:37 PM

/JG53 pilots over Malta 6 February 1942
JG53 pilots off Malta 6 February 1942



While researching on two missing New Zealanders shot down in different Blenheim, Z7308 & Z9725 of 21 Squadron off the Island of Filfla, Malta 6 February 1942 of 21 Squadron (there was also a third aircraft shot down at the same time Z9823 same Squadron).
I have the names of the four JG53 pilots names involved.

Oblt Wittmeyer, Ltn. Herbert Soukup, Oblt. Helmet Belser and Ltn. Hans-Jürgen v Möller.
I do have the biography and photograph of Ltn.Soukup and would be pleased if anyone can assist with the biographies of the other three. Thanks.

It is believed Ltn. Möller was shot down Thursday 25 March 1943 and became a POW. Also that Ltn. Soukup was shot down over Hal Far, Malta 15 may 1942 and became a POW.

Should anyone have photographs of these men they could be sent to if they wish.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Arthur (Digger) Arculus
(Digger is my family nickname circa 1926 and most of my friends call me by that name)

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