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From TOCH!:

Lutz Budrass
Re: Postwar reports on Me 262 manufacturing facilities
Sat Jan 31 08:38:10 2004

Dear Richard,

there is a post-war report which might interest you. The German industry as whole was scrutinised between 1945 an 1947 by a three special services which concentrated on production methods, led - in general - by British and US industrial personnell: Combinded Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (CIOS, US & UK), British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (BIOS, UK only) and Field Intelligence Agency, Technical (FIAT, US Only). Among these reports there is one which concentrates on Messerschmitt and the Me 262 in particular: CIOS File Report XXVIII-25: Report on German Airframe Tooling and Methods. Messerschmitt Works. There you find photographs of jigs used at Messerschmitt and, moreover, of the so called Lochbauweise tools which were used in the later stages of Me 262 production. The CIOS reports were distributed among firms interested in "German methods" so that there might be one or he other copy in the US. At least there is collection of all reports in the Imperial War Museum.

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