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Default End of war document disposition from the German side

From within a thread on 12 O'Clock High!:

Steve W.
Sun Mar 28 00:22:46 2004

I found your posting of 16 March, Karl. It was by now 7 pages back. Many thanks for all of the additional information on your grandfather's career and postings, which I found to be very interesting. The history of these small units of the Bodenorganisation, Flak and Ln. are pretty well lost for all time, except for a few surviving diaries and the letters home written to wives, girlfriends and families by the veterans. It is truly a shame that the stellv.Archiver d.Luftwaffenarchiv gave the order to destroy the hundreds of tons of Luftwaffe records at Karlsbad/Sudetenland in the last week of the war.

Thanks again,

Steve W.
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