Thread: Flights from Europe to Japan and Japanese held territory
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Default Flights from Europe to Japan and Japanese held territory

From 12 O'Clock High!:

Ed West
Italian flight to Japan
Wed May 5, 2004 03:37

For some time, there has been discussion and speculation about a possible German flight to Japan during the war. It turns out, according to a book by Peter Herde, that the Germans did not do it but the Italians did. The title of this book is Der Japanflug: Planung und Verwirklichung einer Flugverbindung zwischen den Achsenmaeten und Japan, 1942-1945.

Of course, the book is in German but I've been able to locate a review of it in English but for the final paragraph. Nevertheless, it appears (I could be wrong) that the main substance of the book is described. Here's how to get there:

Go to
Type- "der japanflug" buch -into the search box.
A number of matches will appear.
Look at the second one which begins with NOAG. At the end of that first sentence or line if you will, there will be this: [Translate this page]
Click on it and enjoy the somewhat difficult to read text.

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