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From TOCH!:

Chris Going
'der Japanflug'
Wed May 5, 2004 19:07

It might be possible to tease out some more information on the vexed question of whether or not the GAF made a 'Japanflug' from, of all places, the 'GX files'. Ages ago I came across an entry in the 1946 catalogue of the Dick Tracy material which gives, variously, Mongolia, or the Russia/China border region for some GX imagery. There are dates -December 1943 I think- but I cannot remember right now. I will have a look at my notes and see. There must be some indication on the imagery that here is something unusual as I think bits of Eastern Siberia must look like bits of, say Karelia, or the Soviet Arctic. Copies of the Catalogue are in the USNA RG 242 I think, or 373.


Chris Going
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