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From TOCH!:

Ed West
Re; der Japanflug
Wed May 5, 2004 20:46

Thank you for the information. Yours is the first mention here of the Dick Tracy material. Where is it located? On another point, I think it entirely possible that a flight or flights were made to Japan or nearby.

I think this question is worth pusuing for the following reasons: The destruction of most Luftwaffe records and the general difficulty in getting good information about the December 1943 through to the entire 1945 period. There are a number of Germans that disappeared or were unaccounted for after the war. There are aircraft that were unaccounted for. One might add that the Russians may explain some of this, but access to their archives seems to have become more difficult lately. It also seems to me that certain persons in the Reich would have made plans to leave Europe in the event things did not work out with the war (even though the war with Japan would not be concluded until August).

I think imagination and speculation are valuable tools for those who want to pursue the answer to this question. Is it possible that the Germans used Italian aircraft, especially since the above mentioned book showed it could be done?

And may I politely point out to those who might think that all of this is a waste of time for those who wish to pursue it: it's their time and they may waste it if they wish. I have read of archaeologists who would spend up to a decade digging for the lost city of so and so, only to not find it. And then there are the occasional spectacular discoveries. (I can certainly think of less healthy ways to use one's time but I would never recommend them.)

Carry on,
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