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Default Question for Alex

Originally Posted by Alex Chase View Post
I was too quick on the draw. I should have waited until I was finished today. I have found Gunther Buse.
14956 BÜSE Gunther Leutnant Luftwaffe
He was interned on the same day as Mohring.
I have a question....are the people that you have mentioned on the same aircraft.
Alex, I was wondering whther you had any information on Unteroffizier Fritz Ruhlandt, Unteroffizier Erwin Richter and any other crew of a JU88 that crash landed in Kent , England on 27th September 1940. I am keen to identify other crew members and then determine relatives etc. so any help would be appreciated. All crew survived the carsh and were taken prisoner. I sent you a private message too but the site denies I did, so doubling up here, apologies if you have both!


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