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From TOCH!:

13/SG 151
Sun Jan 13 11:48:06 2002

Zdravo Misko,
There are many indications that our Fw belonged to 13/SG 151 and not SG 2. Conclusion of some people in MJV that it belonged to SG 2 is based on fact that it is of a certain subtype which was in use by one certain Gruppe, or Staffel, of SG 2 (cant remember the details), which cannot mean that no other SG could not have received it. High unit number could also indicate that it belonged to training unit, and especially date of its capture.
Dont be so harsh at our friends in MJV, be lucky for being able to see many splendid machines in exibition area.
And about the colors, I think that Dragan Munizaba is the man you have to look for. From all people in MJV, he has spent most time in studying the Fw.

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