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Jon Gant claims for his Messerschmitt Bf 109 website that it is the most authoritative site on the Bf 109. Having now reviewed it, I believe he certainly is in competition for that title. His site address is:

The sections of the site are as follows:

Site Articles

Messerschmitt Bf 109: The Beginning - Very short article with 2 color drawings and a b&w side view drawing.

Bf 109 Armament, by Tony Williams - Discusses the various armaments used by the Bf 109. A link labelled "armament" at the bottom of the article leads to significantly more information.

Hans Dittes 'Black 2' - Includes 3 color photos.

Preservation of Leather Artifacts: US Air Force Museum

Bf 109 Replica Project - Jon's ambition to build a replica. A link to an article on the Dakota Bf 109 replica tells the story of this interesting project, along with several color photos.

Meeting Franz Stigler, by Markus and Ryan Muntener - Short interview with 1 color and 2 b&w photos.

Bf109 Variant Evolution Information - Production numbers and list of variants with short description of what was unique about each one. Includes photos and drawings of some of the variants.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 Foreign Variations - Useage by Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, and Spain. Some tabular data.

Performance Statistics of the Bf 109 - Technical and performance information for the Bf 109V1, V3, B-2, E-4, F-3, G-6, and K-4. Five b&w photos.

Engine Construction Information - Technical information on the DB 600, DB 601, and DB 605. One b&w drawing, 1 color photo. Link to article on DB 601 and DB 605 with technical information, b&w drawing, and cutaway line drawing.

Armament Information - Table and description of armament used, color photo of amunition, table by variant indicating armament used along with history of useage, and two phantom drawings of amunition.

Pilots Manuals - Acrobat downloadable manuals for the Bf 109E, G-2, and K-4, along with English translations of the G-2 and K-4 manuals.

Flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109

RAE evaluation

Mark Hanna's commentary

Comments by 3 Luftwaffe pilots

Includes 3 color photos.

Photo Gallery

<U>Favourite Images</U>

MBB Bf 109G - 1 color photo
Bf 109G-2 'Black 6', WN 10639 - 2 color photos
Aerial shot, possibly of Black 2 - 1 color photo
Head-on cockpit - 2 b&w shots
Bf 109G-6 (D-FMBB) - 2 color photos

<U>Assorted 109 Images</U> - 3 color, 4 b&w photos

<U>Duxford Museum Visit (Nov' 2000)</U> - 5 color photos

<U>Deutsches Museum Visit</U>

BF 109E-3, WN 790 - 4 color photos
Ju 52 - 1 color photo
Me 163 - 1 color photo
Me 262 - 2 color photos
DB engine - 1 color photo

<U>The Art of Frank "Gray Eagle" Williamson</U> - 3 color in-flight images

Video Footage

A small video that Matt created for the site, but was not used because of bandwidth issues.

A larger movie showing archive footage of 109's taking off and in flight (with sound). Submitted by Sebastian Schweizer.


A nice example of a 109 flypast, gives a great sense of the Daimler Benz's immense power.

Survivors News - News on Bf 109 airframes around the world. One fascinating color photo of 3 Me 262 fuselages.

Airworthy Messerschmit Bf 109 Survivors - Table listing 8 aircraft.

Static/Under Restoration Bf 109 Survivors - Large listing of survivors.

Message Board - Forum requiring membership.

Links - Five listed.

Bibliography - Ten references listed.


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