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Old 11-18-2004, 12:17 PM
Richard T Eger Richard T Eger is offline
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From TOCH!:

Rabe Anton
Identification of Recovered Fw 190 WNr. 539347 Redux
Mon Oct 25, 2004 16:57

I believe the original posting indicated a location of Slovakia. If correct, this would rule out IV./JG 54. How about a Fw 190F-8 or F-9 Jabo in the 58x xxx series?

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Old 12-02-2004, 09:25 AM
Kuba Plewka Kuba Plewka is offline
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Originally Posted by Richard T Eger

Hi Kuba:

Nikko Fast lists this aircraft as a G-10 from 1./JG 52 lost in a Luftkampf on 7-March-1945.

If photos of the details you mention are available, I would love to see them.

John Beaman

My name is Kuba, it's my first post here, let me say Hello to all of you
Well, it was me asking about this G-10 polish wreck. Now, some facts has been published, story is clearer now.
After the first article about wreck was published some informations arrived.
First - the subversion - it was G-10 built by WNF in U4 standart. It was flown by I/JG 52. In first article in "Skrzydlata Polska" author has given us the date of crash - 2.III.1945.
It is wrong, in documents, the day of loss is the 7'th of march 1945.
Bf 109 G-10 WNr. 612723, air combat, damage 100%, location Sloste.

Later very interesting article appeared in "Skrzydlata". They identified pilot of that 109, they wrote a story, it was something like that:

"The plane was flown by Gunther Capito, ex-bomber pilot. He flew with Erich Hartmann himself that day. Once, they were attacked by soviet P-39. Hartmann ordered his wingman to break-up quickly but Capito flew this 109 like he used to do with bombers. Soon the soviet Aircobra shot him down. Pilot bailed out. Hartmann attacked the P-39 and also scored one."

that is the story of G-10 published shortly after the first article. I don't know if Hartmann really flew that day (7.III.1945) but it sounds real.

What about the remains of G-10 shown in article - there's a wingtip with a green and brown paint, some acces covers, specialy that of compass hatch with a part of black number identified as 2 or 7, ailerons mass balance and many details. The oil tank cover as I posted before looks like a cover of smaller oil tank from 605 A engine. It lacks it's paint, maybe it is part of another Messerschmitt or maybe the smaller oil tank was installed in that plane?
The engine recovered is D-type (WNr. 11900069 or 59).
That's all I've got there.
Please contact me via e-mail, if anybody is interested.


Best regards
Kuba Plewka
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