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According to Tim, the function of this website is as follows:

"This web site is dedicated to ALL jets made up to 1945 and their important variants, and ALL jets and their important variants under construction up to 31/12/1945.
What is meant by under construction?, any part of the aircraft which was made and ment to be used in a flying prototype and/or variant (Not mock-ups). For some aircraft hard facts are very difficult to come by, this is specially true for German aircraft, so I have taken into account the chaotic state and the prevailing political situation by 1945 with in the German state, also the wish of the Allied forces to keep to themselves the technologies they had found, as well as keeping their populations from the information of the very advanced nature of the German war effort, this added with common sense has meant, for example the inclusion of the Blohm&Voss P.212 but not the Me262 HG III."

The website address is:

The sections of interest are as follows:

List of Jets & Histories

Technical information, a photo, perhaps a drawing, and a short history are generally presented. Data is presented for the following Luftwaffe or Axis design aircraft:

Ar 234
Avia S-92.1
Bv 211
Bv 212
BMW Flugelrad V-1
Fw 44 (with BMW Motorjet)
Caproni-Campini CC-2 N.1
Coanda's Turbine Aeroplane (okay, it's French from 1910)
Doblhoff WNF V1-V4
Do 17 Z / Do 217 E ( testbed / "ramjet" )
Do 435/He 535
Fi 103 "Reichenberg"
Fi 103 V1
Fw 190 (turbojet)
Focke-Wulf P.VII "Flitzer"
Ta 183
Gotha P.60 B
He 111 ( testbed / Heinkel He S 011 "turbojet" )
He 118 ( testbed / Heinkel He S 3A "turbojet" )
He 178
He 280
He 162
He 343
Hs 132
Ho IX / Go 229
Ju 88 ( testbed / BMW 003 & Junkers 004 "turbojets" )
Ju 287
Ju EF 126 (1x Argus As 044 pulsejet)
Ju EF 128
Lavochkin La 7 (2x D-10 "pulsejet") (okay, it's Russian)
Lavochkin La 126 / La 138 (Russian)
Lavochkin La-150 (Russian)
Lippisch P.11"Delta VI"
Me 110 ( testbed / Junkers Jumo 004-A "turbojet" )
Me 262
Me P.1073 (Me 328)
Me P.1101 & Bell X5 follow-on
Mikoyan-Gurevich I-300 (Mig 9)
Nakajima Kikka / Kikka-K
Nakajima Ki 201 "Karyu"
Reggiane Re.2007
Skoda/Kauba P.14.01
Sukhoi I-107 (Su 5) (Russian)
Sukhoi Su-9 (Russian, but similar to Me 262)
M.K.Tikhonravov 302 (Russian)
A.N.Tupolev Tu-2L ( testbed / RD-10 & TR-1"turbojets" ) (Russian)
Tu-4 ( testbed / Fiesler Fi 103 V-1 )
Varga RMI-1 X/H (Hungary)
Yakovlev Jak 7 PVRD ( 2x DM-4 "ramjet" ) (Russian)
Yakovlev Jak-15 (Russian)
Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka 22
Yokosuka Ohka 43

It appears that Tim intends to add to his aircraft coverage in the future.


Overview with photos and drawings of jet engines of Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Japan, and the USSR. There is a more detailed coverage of the Junkers jet engines.

Kit List

For the modeler, and extensive list of kits is provided.


Short lists of links and books.


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Old 07-10-2004, 11:36 AM
Richard T Eger Richard T Eger is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: Seaford, DE, U.S.A.
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The website address has been changed to:

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