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Default Weisse Eins Website (White 1 - A Rare Fw 190F-8 Flies Again)

This site covers the history of a Fw 190F-8, White 1, and its subsequent restoration in Texas and Florida. The site address is:

The sections are:

Welcome to the Weisse Eins* website! - Introduction to the history and restoration of this aircraft:

"This remarkable project will return a legendary Focke Wulf Fw 190F-8 to the air. Presently, the aircraft is undergoing complete concours restoration to airworthy condition with the correct BMW 801 engine.

Weisse Eins, FW 190 F8, W Nr 931862, has a rich history and saw action while serving with JG 5 in Norway. The aircraft was last flown during the famous Battle of Fordefjord on February 9, 1945. It came to rest on a snow covered mountain after it's pilot was forced to bail out. In September 1983, it was recovered and displayed at Flesland airport, for the Royal Norwegian Air Force Aircraft Museum. Several years after that, the aircraft was sent to the Texas Air Museum for static restoration. It is now located in Florida.

When "White 1" takes to the air, we will be treated to sounds rarely heard since the end of WWII. This is because White 1 will be powered by an original BWM 801 radial engine. There are very few working 801s left today and none are currently flown."

White 1 History - Brief history article.

Fw 190 F-8 Tech - Brief history and 3-view drawing.

Werner Gayko - Brief biography and photos of the pilot of White 1.

Uffz. Heinz Orlowski - Brief biography and photos of last pilot of White 1.

Black Friday - Lengthy article on the last flight of Heinz Orlowski.

In Memorial - Commemoration for both Allied and German pilots lost on Black Friday.

The crash site - Two B & W photos of White 1 after it crashed.

Recovery - Brief history with 3 color and 3 B & W photos. Those who participated in the recovery of White 1 are listed.

Texas Restoration - 4 color photos of White 1 restored to static display condition by the Texas Air Museum, plus additional information on White 1 and the museum.

The Restoration

WHITE 1 RESTORATION - Quoting from the site:

"White 1 is presently undergoing complete concours restoration to airworthy condition with the correct BMW 801 engine. This amazing project involves the identification, cleaning, preserving and rebuilding of literally thousands of parts. Please click on the links at left to learn more about each aspect of the restoration. Below are some recent project highlights."

16 color photos and 1 B & W are presented.

Aircraft Parts For Sale - An eclectic mix of original and reproduction parts for sale shown in color photos.

BMW 801 Engine - 17 color photos of pieces of White 1's BMW 801 engine, 1 color photo of a BMW 801 C & D Handbuch cover, and 1 very detailed B & W cutaway drawing of a BMW 801A engine.

Ground Equipment - 5 color photos of ground equipment for White 1, along with descriptions. At the bottom of the page, are 3 miscellaneous ground crew color photos from WW II: 2 with Ju 87's and 1 showing a string of bombs laying on the ground.

Parts, Electrical Parts, & Equipment Needed - Photos and/or drawings with descriptions of parts needed for the restoration of White 1. For those interested in the real nuts and bolts of this aircraft, these illustrations could prove invaluable.

Pilot Flight Gear/Survival Gear - 11 color photos and radiographs, including manuals, of material in the restoration group's collection.

Project Diary - Project history, including 10 color photos and 2 B & W drawings.

White 1 Restoration Shop - Brief background, 2 color photos of the shop, and 58 color photos of reproduced parts for White 1. Again, the nuts and bolts enthusiasts will really appreciate this.

Electrical Systems - Coverage of electrical parts and systems with listing and 9 color photos, including fuel pumps, landing gear motors, flap motors, and stab trim motor. A long list of needed electrical system parts is given.

Gift Shop - Hat and various T-shirts.

Sponsors - List of sponsors & volunteers. 9 color photos of parts needing sponsors to rebuild parts to certified airworthy condition.

Other Projects - 5 color and 1 B & W photos related to various Fw 190 aircraft.

Links - 18 links with descriptions.

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