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Default Information if any, for a pilot

Hello Gang ,
I'm hoping someone can help me out with a pilot search. I'm a collector of luftwaffe memorobilia and have recently purchased a very rare and hard to obtain pilot's badge award document . The Gefreiten in question is Horst Suehs who was given the award dated 6.August 1943 .Signed by Generaloberst Bruno Loerzer with the document issue # of 134 207 /43 . I have searched both Eric Mombeek's MIA list and the aircrewremembrancesociety websites .They both relate to fighter pilots and with the vast #'s of other pilots during the war i wasn't sure just what type of aircraft he may have flown and where and what may have been his outcome . The Kracker (aircrew) website do's have numerous names listed that may be the pilot i'm looking for under the spelling of Suss . I'm not very versed in the german language and it's my understanding there were varing differences of spelling during this time period.
I have exhausted all my other options for looking , just have not been very successful . Any help would be most grateful .
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