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The site contains more than 1500 photos. Coverage includes uniforms; Knights-Cross holders, Generals, and general personnel; and rather early Luftwaffe aircraft photos.

The German mainpage of this site is:

On this page you can see a listing of the site updates. The English language address of the site is:

Here you can read the introduction, contact the webmaster, sign the guestbook, or view the photo collection at:

This gets you to the main index page. Sections of Luftwaffe interest are:

<U>Air Force</U>


<U>Field - Uniforms</U> - ~30 photos of Luftwaffe personnel in various uniforms

<U>Flight - Dress</U> - ~15 photos of Luftwaffe personnel in flying various uniforms

<U>Tropical - Dress</U> - ~15 photos of Luftwaffe personnel in tropical uniforms

<U>Variations</U> - 23 photos of a wide assortment of Luftwaffe personnel

In Action

<U>Training</U> - 19 photos of Luftwaffe personnel in training. No personnel shown in aircraft.


<U>Airplanes</U> - Listed here in order presented.

He 59 - 3 photos
Do 26 - 2 photos
Do 18E - 1 photo
Do 18G-1 - 1 photo
He 114 - 3 photos
Ha 139 - 1 photo
He 60 - 1 photo
Ar 196 - 1 photo
Ju 87 - 7 photos
Ju 52 - 4 photos
He 111Z - 4 photos
He 111C - 2 photos
Me 109 - 2 photos
Me 110 - 3 photos
He 111 - 4 photos
Me 321 - 1 photo
Go 242 - 2 photos
He 45 - 1 photo
Hs 126A-2 - 1 photo
Fi 156 - 1 photo


<U>Airborne soldiers</U> - 22 photos, some on ground, some in air.

<U>8.8 Flak at the channel</U> - ~100 Flak battery photos. Interestingly, Flak guns shown with victory markings.

<U>Single Photos</U>

<U>Luftschutz</U> - 8 photos of young women training in air protection services.

<U>Colorphotos</U> - The number in front is the frame number.

16) Anti-aircraft position with 2 cm gun of the airforce

<U>Knights-Cross Holders</U>

<U>Air Force</U> - Brief details plus photos. Listed here in order presented.

Hauptmann Alexander Gläser
Oberleutnant Günter Ludigkeit
Hauptmann Gerhard Stüdemann
Hauptmann Ludwig Wagenfeld
Oberfeldwebel Karl Gschwendtner
Major Franz Kieslich
Oberfeldwebel Hanns Luhr
Hauptmann Günter Hitz
Oberst Adolf Galland
Major Karl Alfred Schwarzmann
Feldwebel Gerhard Köppen
Leutnant Theodor Weissenberger
Feldwebel Rudolf Müller
Feldwebel Leopold Steinbatz
Major Hermann Graf
Oberfeldwebel Albert Brunner
Leutnant Heinrich Ehrler
Feldwebel Hans Döbrich
Oberleutnant Horst Carganico
Feldwebel Hannes Trenke
Wachtmeister Herbert Schneider
Feldwebel Eduard Lindinger
Leutnant Karl Spreitzer (color photo)

<U>Generals</U> - Information plus photos. I'll just list Luftwaffe related generals. The number in front is the frame number.

3) Generaloberst Hubert Weise - General der Flakartillerie

4) Generals of the army and airforce together with italian officers, visiting a factory for ammunition

6) General der Flakartillerie and Emil Zenetti, commanding General and Befehlshaber in Luftgau VII, Munich

7) Unknown General of the Luftwaffe

8) General der Flieger Alexander Andrae

11) General der Flieger Wilhelm Wimmer

12) Generalleutnant Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Vorwald (service not stated)

13) Generalmajor Friedrich Berthold

14) Reichsmarschall und Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Hermann Göring


<U>Air Force</U> - 12 color photos of album covers.

<U>New photos January 2002</U>

Leutnant Kurt Lehmann - photo and obituary
Airborne soldier - photo
Obergefreiter in the regiment "Hermann Göring" - photo
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